Acadian Nights

by La Torture Des Ténèbres

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released April 17, 2016



all rights reserved


La Torture Des Ténèbres Ottawa, Ontario QImZ8

Life is a pointless, manipulative game
Do not be swayed by its false promises
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Track Name: Where You Lost One, You Will Find Another
I watched you becoming
Writhing and melting in the light
As it ate me down to the bone
Tortured by realities
That should never have come to be
Wretched and forgotten
At the bottom of the lake
No one will find me now
No one can save you now
I cannot bear to watch any longer
As you become everything they ever wanted you to be
Contort, irreversibly
Track Name: Slave To The Coach's Son
All because of him
You have relinquished your entire life
You are so afraid that something like this could happen again
You are far too damaged to ever reconnect again
Broken arms can reach out no longer
Broken legs can skate no further
Now you find yourself below the surface of the ice
Drowning in gallons of pitch black tar
You have lost all hope in your dreams
Ruined by a failure far too painful to bear
Track Name: You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All
On these cold Acadian nights, you are too stricken to sleep
You wander the lonely shoreline, eyes cast skywards
Lest you glimpse some sign of hope within the boundless ocean of stars
But what mercy could be offered by this great celestial ceiling to your small, insignificant self
Before the cruel stillness of the sea, you will come to see your life struggles as nothing but meaningless entanglements that will all be swept away with the tide
Track Name: From Gigan To Pisces
Why must you torment me so?
Do you have no pity in your heart?
Why have you abandoned me to live this life of constant agony?
What have I done to deserve this ungodly reality?
Even in my dreams you torture me
And every night I dream of you
Indifferent to my weeping and begging at your feet
Begging for you to make this stop
Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this to yourself?
If we do not escape this place tonight
We will never see the light of day again
We will never have another chance to live out our dreams again
And we will be buried forever beneath the weight of endless night
Track Name: Back To Summer Paradise With You
People who were once your friends now flee before your gaze
"Where are you going? What have I done wrong?"
Torn away from the circle of life
Sent into deepest isolation
Trapped in the space between life and death
Nothing but dead, black horizons as far as the eye can see
Wandering a landscape of towering alien architecture
You are a stranger to this world, unwelcome and unwanted
The sky blackens above you, the sand recoils beneath your feet and the waves whisper your demise
You should not be here
There is no place for you here
You wish you could escape this nightmare reality and return to the world from whence you came
But the world from whence you came no longer exists, washed away by the sands of time
Now there is nothing but the nightmare reality
You will never conform to the grotesque motifs of this place
And so will become its bane
Hour by hour, this place will destroy you
Track Name: When I Let My Hair Down, The Party Never Stops...
You are just like them
Like the thousands of others searching for light
Among the lifeless stars
Submerged in oceans of blackness
Your lungs filling with gallons of tar
I warned you all along
They won't miss you until you're gone
You are now ceasing all contact with the outside world
Thousands of hands are reaching towards you
Thousands of grasps are falling short
No one shall ever know your plight
As your body falls into endless night
Entomb your body inside your mind and your mind in your body