Choirs Of Emptiness

by La Torture Des Ténèbres

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Recovered transcriptions of the events before Acadian Nights


released May 17, 2016



all rights reserved


La Torture Des Ténèbres Ottawa, Ontario QImZ8

Life is a pointless, manipulative game
Do not be swayed by its false promises
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Track Name: Descent Into Wolves' Wound
You find yourself lost in an endless labyrinth of staircases
That crumble to dust beneath your feet
And send you plummeting into the darkness below
Dropped into the abyss from which there is no return
You lose touch with reality and slip into an unending dream in which you wander the endless shores of Acadia beneath a boundless night sky
In a place where the night never ends
Track Name: Next Stop; Virgo City
Do you feel pain?
Do you see the colossal shapes shifting beneath the surface
As negligible fragments drift through the void
Unnoticed and unwanted
Blocked off and left out in the darkness
Unwelcome to a house where light has been set into motion
Where there is no pity for you
Scattered across the night sky are the thousand shattered remnants of your dreams
So many opportunities you will never have again
Every last one you have lost to this expanse of endless night
Surrender to the sky
Track Name: Georgia Matassa
Forced to exist outside of reality
You fall into orbit around the life you once lived
So far from it all, you are powerless to watch as the people who were once your friends tear your life apart
Stripping your house of its possessions
Burning your life's harvest to the ground
Putting your name to irredeemable shame
There is nothing you can do but watch as you orbit your dying reality
Removed from the circle of human life
You see how pathetic are all its promises
You see how vain are all its struggles
Sickened by the horrifyingly utter futility of it all, you renounce your humanity
Track Name: Hong Kong 1874
You are now traveling into deep space
It finally occurs to you that they were right all along
There is no bottom to this abyss
There is no end to deep space
Yet back down on Earth, you are still trapped in a human body
Damned to walk this endless landscape crawling with millions of individuals
Each and every one lost in their own maze of torment
Each and every single one watching the sky for some sign of hope
Not a single one of them will speak to you
Yet you are visible to all of them
For all to shower in mockery
You cannot escape this predicament
But you can travel deeper into the recesses of your mind
There might still be a spark of hope to find
Track Name: Leaving You Will Be My Renaissance
Not even gods can find us out here
We spent our entire lives planning our escape
And now that we have drifted miles away from Earth
We realize this was all in vain
All those years of yearning and struggle
Were all wasted on an ultimately unattainable dream
We thought that they would remember us
We never imagined that we would pass into the cold void of history with nothing but laughter in our wake
Track Name: Down Into The Ocean, Never To Rise Again
I left my flesh for dead and tunneled deep inside my soul
Into caverns of my mind
But no matter how many dimensions I would flee into
Nowhere could I escape the roaring waters of time
Waves of memories smashing into my soul
Flooding into every last crevice of my consciousness
Tearing deep gouges into the vessel of my humanity
Achieving irreversible ruination of every last shred of my sanity
And so the world turned its back on me
Track Name: There Are Vampires In Deep Space
You awaken to a strange and unfamiliar world
Where all things move to the pulse of the universe
Where the children dance in an endless cycle
Where strange men revel in the intoxication of your sisters
Whose nocturnal tendencies push them over the edge of the abyss
Into a strange and unfamiliar world
Track Name: Sailing The Mississippi Delta
During the course of our travels through the darkness
I became aware of the presence of a third passenger
There was someone else on our ship
Traveling through the darkness with us
Whenever I looked back, I would see her
She was wearing my skin
Track Name: Fantastic Voyage Into The Heart Of The Metropolis
Doubt begins to bloom in your mind
But it is far too late to turn back now
Swept away by the tide of complacency
Dragged into the maze of disorientation
Screaming into infinite dimensions
That you wish all things would return to the way they were
But the world from whence you came no longer exists
You search the endless stars for a new home
But towering structures of greed have nothing to offer you
You must find another way
But there is no exit from this metropolis
Track Name: We Should Have Left It On The Country Station
Sailing across the night sky past thousands of collapsing suns
I question the reason for our continued existence
What foul god placed us down here on this wretched planet
To toil in endless agony only to be left perpetually unfulfilled
Only to long for distant stars that we will never find on this Earth
The seething mass of humanity gazes upwards as one towards stars they will never reach
Only in their minds, never in the flesh
So we allow our hollow spirits to drift into the void
Eternally gravitating towards the chasm of that which will never exist
So far from our realities, we eternally enact our dreams
Missing so many opportunities we will never have again
Blind to so many realities lost to the irreversible flood of time
Forever bound to the flesh
Yet passing through countless dimensions